Dubai Installations16.02.2017
Some govermental buildings have been made accessible with Tayneks Products. Nattiq Technologies which is a local company based in Dubai made the installation. More
Tabriz Subway Installation / Iran07.02.2017
Tabriz Subway stations are now accessible with the Tayneks tactile ground surface indicators. More
Tayneks Attended the Biggest Expo for Blind and Visuall...03.06.2016
Tayneks attended the biggest Expo for blind and visually impared people SightCity 2016 Frankfurt More
Sapanca Train Station Installation 30.04.2016
Tayneks finished the installation of tactile ground surface indicators in the Sapanca Train Station in Turkey More
Sightcity 2016 Frankfurt Expo 30.04.2016
Tayneks will be joining the SightCity 2016 Expo in May 18-20, 2016. Tayneks will in Room 1016, Booth E26 E27. Come and see our new products More
Koru Florya Shopping Mall22.01.2015
Tayneks completed the works of tactile ground surface indicators of Koru Florya Shopping Mall in Istanbul. Single tactile ground surface indicators used in the works of accesibility which is in accordance with the Accesibility norms of Ministry of Family and S... More
DGUV Anti-Skid Test Certificate 20.06.2016
Tayneks tactile ground surface indicators produced from thermoplastic polyurethane have passed the anti-skid test done by DGUV Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung. More
Special Design Talking Kiosk 12.05.2016
Tayneks designed a new talking kiosk model for Antalya Expo. More
Yapı Kredi Bank- Niğde Meydan Branch Office Installatio...17.02.2015
In the context of the Accessible Banks Project, Tayneks made an another branch Office of the Yapı Kredi Bank accessible. You can see the photos of the installation of single stainless steel tactile ground surface indicators in the section of references. More
Demo Installation in Elazığ Municipality22.01.2015
Tayneks shows its difference with its demo installations. More
Final Countdown to Accesibility in Turkey20.01.2015
Untill the beginning of June 2015, all of the public spaces in Turkey should be accesible for disabled people. TAYNEKS with its accessibility solutions makes 700 points in Turkey accessible. TAYNEKS with its Professional Project team, experts provides consulta... More
Accessible Bank Project of TAYNEKS Goes On13.01.2015
Some other branch Offices of Garanti Bank became accessible with TAYNEKS products. 3 Branch offices in Izmir and Istanbul of Garanti Bank became accessible with TAYNEKS’ stainless steel and Thermoplastic polyurethane tactile ground surface indicators. More